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I have photographed four 3D films. A feature film - Flying Monsters 3D - presented by Sir David Attenborough for Imax screens and Sky 3D which one the bafta for best film, three one hours on Kew Gardens again with David for Sky 3D and an Imax version. And lastly a pilot - The Sloth featuring the world acclaimed free climber Leo Houlding, Unfortuantely I can not preview the 3D films online, so I have a 2D video clips and various stills from the shoots.



Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough

3D IMAX Documentary

Location: UK, USA, Germany, France, Scotland,

Awarded Bafta 2011 for best factual film



Behind The Scenes: David Attenborough's Flying Monsters 3D

A small clip from the Sky behind the scenes documentary on the the making of the imax 3D film

Sky 1








Still from various 3D productions












































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